Pelayo Vázquez Rodríguez – Seminar API-INTA

Our PhD student Pelayo Vázquez Rodríguez invites us to participate in his API-INTA (online) seminar on Wednesday, 30th November 2022.
He will share with us a summary of his work done at INTA so far and its future projection.

Title: “Orbital control and manoeuvring by aerodynamic forces in LEO orbit”.
Speaker: Pelayo Vázquez Rodríguez (Department of Space Programmes, INTA & UC3M PhD student in Aerospace Engineering)
Date: Wednesday, 30th November 2022 (12:00-13:00)


In recent years there has been a growing trend towards complex missions based on smaller, simple platforms. INTA is developing two missions in the Small Satellite Constellation Programme: ANSER, to be launched in March 2023, and ANSER-AT.

Distributing the payload of a mission among several satellites can have advantages. For example, it can lead to cost savings, or minimise risk or increase the robustness of a mission. If one satellite fails, it can be replaced, or its mission can be carried out by another.

All of the above benefits have a clear imposition, however, the need to synchronise and maintain precise control of the group of satellites for the correct performance of the mission as a whole. This is where our research begins.

Traditionally this control of the formation has been done by propulsion. However, a new alternative is now emerging. This is to take advantage of the low atmosphere present at orbital altitude as a form of control through aerodynamic forces (lift and drag). In this seminar, the possible advantages of this alternative to propulsion control will be presented. Such as the economic savings of the motor system or the minimisation of risk in the AIV integration process by not handling combustible substances or pressure vessels. The studies being developed to amplify the magnitude of these aerodynamic forces will also be mentioned.

Connection details (Zoom):
Meeting ID: 872 0591 6617

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