Two new articles by our PhD Students

Two of our students, Eduardo Andres and Luca Chiabò, published recently two journal papers. Informed scenario-based RRT∗ for aircraft trajectory planning under ensemble forecasting of thunderstormsAndres, E., González-Arribas, D., Soler, M., Kamgarpour, M., Sanjurjo-Rivo, M., (2021). Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 129, 103232. Abstract Thunderstorms represent a major hazard for flights, as they compromise the safety … Continue reading Two new articles by our PhD Students

PhD Seminar Series: Monte-Carlo Science

We will continue with our Seminar Series on Thursday, 20 may 2021. Monte-Carlo ScienceJavier Jiménez Sendín Javier Jiménez Sendín, from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), will join us and give a talk about how far the scientific discovery process can be automated and usual procedure of planning experiments to test hypotheses can be substituted by `blind’ … Continue reading PhD Seminar Series: Monte-Carlo Science

Open Science Cafe

Open Science Cafes are a series of online webinars that combine the World Cafe discussions with the online workshop for training. These Open Science Cafes are part of the training provided by the UC3M Vice-Rectorate for Scientific Politic and UniOS (Unit for Open Science) related with Open Science and Knowledge. The online sessions will focus … Continue reading Open Science Cafe

PreDoc Open Position

The Department of Signal Theory & Communication of UC3M is looking for candidates to fulfill a Predoctoral Postion (PhD). Successful candidates will engage in research related to Bayesian estimation, classification and prediction in complex (high dimensional) dynamical systems, with applications to the field of aerospace engineering, particurlarly space debris related topics. To apply, please send … Continue reading PreDoc Open Position


The UC3M Doctoral School and Vice Rectorate for Studies host the 5th edition contest of THESIS TALK. In it our PhD candidates present their research projects to a non-specialist audience in just 3 minutes, focusing on the what, how and why of their research.  A single slide is permitted to enhance their presentation. With this … Continue reading THESIS TALK 2021

E.T. Pack Project in the Media

Current in-space propulsion technologies, such as chemical and electrical thrusters, work under the law of action-reaction. Consequently, the payload mass and mission lifetime are penalized by the need of propellant. E.T.PACK envisages a new era enabled by a free-of-propellant device named Low Work function Tether (LWT) that operates under different principles. Instead of carrying propellant, … Continue reading E.T. Pack Project in the Media