PhD Seminar Series: ” Turbulent flows at high-Reynolds numbers: results and perspectives from CICLoPE laboratory”

We will continue with our Seminar Series on Thu, 02 june 2022.

On site: Salón de Grados Leganés

For the next event in the Aerospace PhD Seminar Series, we will have the pleasure of hosting Prof. Gabriele Bellani from the University of Bologna (Italy)

The event will take place in the Salón de Grados on Thursday 2 June at 1pm, and will be streamed.

PhD Aerospace Seminar – Prof. Gabriele Bellani

Gabriele Bellani is Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Bologna. He received his PhD in Fluid Mechanics in 2011 from KTH-Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In 2011-2013 he works at University of California – Berkeley. Here his main research interest is the investigation of transport of large particles by homogeneous turbulence, in particular in the development of innovative optical techniques for simultaneous fluid and particle velocities. In 2013-2014 he contributed to the design and construction of CICLoPE laboratory and the Long Pipe – a unique facility optimized to study wall-bounded turbulence at high-Reynolds number with unprecedented accuracy.  Since the lab foundation, his research focuses on wall-bounded turbulence.   

“Turbulent flows at high-Reynolds numbers: results and perspectives from CICLoPE laboratory”


Several phenomena relevant for the Aerospace industry are intrinsically connected to the turbulent motion of air near solid surfaces, namely Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows (WBTF). In this respect, relevant examples  are heat transport and drag force arising from turbulent fluctuations near walls. A key control parameter for these flows is the Reynolds number. When Reynolds number increases, performing detailed and accurate experiments becomes increasingly challenging, due to lack of resolution of standard instruments. The Long Pipe in CICLoPE laboratory  is a unique facility designed to experimentally investigate turbulent pipe flow at high-Reynolds number with unprecedented accuracy. In this seminar we will describe the experimental and numerical challenges posed by WBTFs as well as the main design features of the Long Pipe facility. We discuss the results obtained in several international experimental campaigns hosted by the CICLoPE laboratory and their perspectives with particular focus on the development of novel technologies that can be applied to the next generation of aircrafts.

The seminars will begin at 13 CEST and will take place in the Auditorium Salón de Grados (Padre Soler) campus of Leganés.
No previous registration is required.

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