Thomas Aleksander Frekhaug

  • Nationality: Norwegian
  • Funding entity and Program: PIPF UC3M

PhD Thesis

Optimal Close-Operation Trajectories in Non-Conventional Dynamical Environments


Manuel Fernando Soler Arnedo (UC3M) and Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo (UC3M)


The goal of the thesis would be to refine and work with GNC challenges in non-conventional dynamical environments. Such environments include low gravity scenarios and multiple body scenarios, where key parameters and physical environments are typically unknown and/or complex. Possible end goals may be the development or research into autonomous G&C systems that are able to autonomously perform onboard complex behaviours such as touch and go manoeuvres, autonomous ascent and rendezvous, and other crucial orbital manoeuvres that, due to time differences and short time constants, may not necessarily be performed manually from earth.

Research Stays

Institutions: Naval Postgraduate School
Period: from June 2022 to October 2022

Doctoral Meetings 2021-2022

PhD Aerospace Engineering Doctoral Meetings 21-22 – T. Frekhaug

Doctoral Meetings 2020-2021

PhD Aerospace Engineering Doctoral Meetings 20-21 – T. Frekhaug