Raúl Quibén Figueroa

Nationality: Spanish

PhD Thesis

H2-fuelled aircraft configuration and trajectory optimisation to reduce aeronautic environmental impact.


Manuel Soler (UC3M) & Rauno Cavallaro (UC3M)


H2 powertrains have recently emerged as a solution for mitigating aviation global warming impact. The design and trajectory optimization of such innovative configurations appear as an opportunity for tackling both CO2 and non-CO2 emissions noxious effect. This PhD aims to develop techniques to find the aircraft designs and their climate optimal trajectories of a future generation of H2 powered aviation.

Project participation

Hydrogenating CM-UC3M

This project is part of the program to stimulate research by young PHD research of young doctors for the realization of R&D projects, funded under the framework of the agreement CM-UC3M for the years 2019-2024

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