Pedro Jiménez

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Funding entity and program: FPU

PhD Thesis

Analysis of the wave-plasma interaction in electrodeless plasma thrusters


Mario Merino (UC3M) and Eduardo Ahedo (UC3M)


Development of advanced simulation tools for the study of the propagation of Electromagnetic Waves through magnetized plasma, including kinetic effects and the influence of the wave propagation phenomena in the Electron Velocity Distribution Function (EVDF).

Project participation

Propulsión por plasma y fusión nuclear: innovando el transporte espacial

Grant number: Y2018/NMT-4750 (PROMETEO-CM)

HelIcon Plasma thruster for In-space Applications

SENER and UC3M. EU H2020 Grant N°: 870542

Revolutionizing Advanced Electrodeless Plasma Thrusters for Space Transportation

UC3M. EU H2020 Grant N°: 950466

Research Stays

Institutions: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Department/Group: LANL–Applied Math.&Plasma Physics
Host: Luis Chacon
Period: from to May 2022 to September 2022

Doctoral meetings 2021-2022

PhD Aerospace Engineering – Doctoral Meetings 21-22 – P. Jimenez

Doctoral meetings 2020-2021