Juan Manuel Catalán Gómez

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Funding entity and program: PIPF UC3M 01-1920

PhD Thesis

Unsteady aerodynamics of flapping-wing micro air vehicles


Manuel García-Villalba Navaridas (UC3M) and Oscar Flores Arias (UC3M)


The unsteady aerodynamics of flapping wings continues to be an area of special interest. Despite this, the determistic character of the simulations does not constitute a fully faithful representation of what really takes place in nature. This is why introducing an effect such as turbulence in an otherwise deterministic flow contributes to reaching new heights in understanding the problems we encounter in nature. Consequently, the objective is to obtain a better perception about the influence of turbulence on the aerodynamic performance of wings in motion, for which not only a statistical characterization of the phenomenon will be necessary, but also the evaluation and quantification of the uncertainty of the problem, that could be extended to other problems without turbulence.

Project participation

QUENCA – Cuantificación de la incertidumbre en simulaciones numéricas de flujos cardíacos

Financiado por la Agencia Estatal de Investigación
Referencia: PID2019-107279RB-I00

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