Giuseppe Di Pasquale

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Funding entity and Program: Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid. Dirección General de Investigación e Innovación Tecnológica.

PhD Thesis

Design of Optimal Attitude and Orbit Control Systems for Multi-Purpose Electrospray Micro-Propulsion Missions


Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo (UC3M) and Sara Correyero Plaza (ienai SPACE)


The PhD aims at developing a tool for mission design and orbital maneuver planning for electrospray propulsion, solving the associated hybrid multi-objective optimal control problem, and finding a robust solution for the AOCS compatible with the first objective results, ultimately optimizing the GNC loop.

Project participation

Industrial PhD granted by Comunity of Madrid, carried out within ienai SPACE

Doctoral Meetings 2021-2022

PhD Aerospace Engineering Doctoral Meetings 21-22 – G. Di Pasquale

Doctoral Meetings 2020-2021

PhD Aerospace – Doctoral Meetings 20-21- G. di Pasquale

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