Ghasem Sharifi

Nationality: Iranian

PhD Thesis

Design and Validation of the Avionic System of a Deorbit Device Based on an ElectrodynamicTether


Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga (UC3M)


This thesis will design and validate the avionic system of the deorbit device (DD) based on
electrodynamic tether technology that reached TRL 4 in the framework of the E.T.PACK project. The DD has two modules (electron emitter module and deployment mechanism module) and each of them has its own avionic and control systems with their own requirements. The design will consider all the phases of the E.T.PACK-F IOD mission, i.e. detumbling, deployment preparation phase, tether deployment, and deorbit manoeuvre. A validation campaign will be developed in the lab. In addition to the avionics, the thesis will also prepare the ground station to be used in the E.T.PACK-F IOD mission. All these activities will be carried out for the Engineering Qualification Model and the Flight Model of the DD.

Project participation

A Ready-to-Fly Deorbit Device Based on Electrodynamic Tether Technology (E.T.PACK-F)


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