Angel del Pino Jiménez

Nationality: Spanish

PhD Thesis

Modelling and Mission Analysis of Bare-Photovoltaic Tethers in Low Earth Orbit


Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga (UC3M)


Bare-Photovoltaic Tethers provide extra power for on-board use and propellant-less in-orbit propulsion. This enhancement is useful for different scenarios such as deorbiting space debris, station-keeping and reboost maneuvers. They all will be integrated in the mission analysis software BETsMA v2.0.

Project participation

A Ready-to-Fly Deorbit Device Based on Electrodynamic Tether Technology (E.T.PACK-F)


A Consumable-less Propulsion System Based on a Bare-Photovoltaic Tether

No. 4000135893/ 21/ NL/ GLC/ ov

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