Alison Ponche

  • Nationality: French
  • Funding entity and Program: Airbus (Friedrichshafen – Germany)

PhD Thesis

Integrated Multi-Actuator CONtrol design for Multi-Body Line-of-Sight Pointing of Space Missions


Thomas Ott (Airbus – Friedrichshafen) and Andres Marcos Esteban (UC3M)


The main objective of this PhD research is to investigate advanced control design techniques and architectures for Multi-Actuation/Multi-Body spacecraft. This multi-team project between UC3M and Airbus in Friedrichshafen, Germany, will allow to use the future ATHENA X-ray space telescope as benchmark. 

Doctoral Meetings 2021-2022

PhD Aerospace Engineering Doctoral Meetings 21-22 – A. Ponche

Doctoral Meetings 2020-2021

PhD Aerospace – Doctoral Meetings 20-21- A. Ponche

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