Alejandra Martín Frías

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Funding entity and Program: Industrial PhD in collaboration with company Flightkeys.

PhD Thesis

Implementation and analysis of climate models in a commercial flight planning optimization system. Development of a climate cost function and proposal of environmental policies for operators.


Raimund Zopp (Flightkeys) & Manuel Soler (UC3M)


This research will develop and implement a non-CO2 emissions calculation model into Flightkeys’ flight planning system. New trajectories will be computed through the application of a climate cost function to the cost optimizer. The goal will be to study and compare climate cost routes with their optimal counterparts and come up with an optimal balance between added cost for airlines and climate reduction. 

Project participation

START – a Stable and resilienT ATM by integrAting Robust airline operations into the neTwork

H2020 SESAR. Grant number: 893204

Contrail Avoidance Model

Flightkeys, Orca Sciences and Imperial college of London

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