Paraview for efficient data exploration and figure preparation

The first Exchange Workshop will focus around ‘Paraview for efficient data exploration and figure preparation.’ All our PhD students are invited to take part in it!

The event will take place on:

Date: April 25, 2023, 10:00 to 14:00 
Location: Room 1.2.G04

All the materials for the Workshop will be available at the UC3M-Aerospace repository, and this discussion page will remain active after the event to serve as a forum to ask and answer questions about this topic.

This is the plan for the Workshop. Do not forget that there are tasks to do before and after the event!

Before the Workshop:
– Download and install Paraview ( on your laptop
– Download datasets for the tutorials (

During the Workshop:
– Introduction to Paraview (Oscar Flores, Mario Merino, 15 min)
– First tutorial exercise (Pedro Jiménez, 1h 15 min)
– Break (10 min)
– Second tutorial exercise (Juan Manuel Catalán, 1h 15 min)
– Advanced tutorial: scripting (Carlos Martínez, 45 min)

After the Workshop:
– Produce and submit a figure, based on the tutorial datasets or your own
– Complete feedback survey 
– Receive a participation/instructor certificate