PhD Seminar Series: “Model Predictive Control for Aerospace Applications” 

We will continue with our Seminar Series on Thur. 27 April 2023

On site: Room 3.S1.08 (Building -“Rey Pastor” Library)


For the next event in the Aerospace PhD Seminar Series, we will have the pleasure of hosting Prof. Rafael Vázquez Valenzuela from the Universidad de Sevilla

The event will take place in the Room 3.S1.08 (Building -“Rey Pastor” Library) on Thursday 27 April at 1pm, and will be streamed.

PhD Aerospace Seminar – Rafael Vázquez

Rafael Vazquez Valenzuela received Electrical Engineering and Mathematics degrees from the University of Seville (Spain), and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of California, San Diego. He is currently Full Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Seville, Spain, where he has been teaching orbital mechanics and attitude dynamics for more than 15 years. He has about 150 journal and conference papers in diverse topics such as Distributed Parameter Systems; Guidance, Navigation and Control for spacecraft and aircraft; and Space Surveillance and Awareness. He is Associate Editor for the journals Automatica and IEEE Systems and Control Letters, and member of the IFAC technical committee on Aerospace Control and the IEEE and IFAC technical committees on Distributed Parameter Systems.

“Model Predictive Control for Aerospace Applications”


The term Model Predictive Control (MPC) does not designate a specific control strategy but rather an ample range of control methods which make explicit use of a model of the process to obtain the control signal by minimizing an objective function over a finite receding horizon, considering both state and actuation constraints.

Unfortunately, this procedure is oftentimes difficult to implement in practice mainly for two reasons. First, the underlying optimization problem is frequently nonlinear and therefore time-consuming; thus, real-time implementation becomes a challenge. In addition, there might be no guarantee to find a feasible control solution. This is the reason why initially MPC only found application in the process industry, where dynamics tend to be rather slow.

Nevertheless, advances in technology and algorithms have enabled the use of MPC for aerospace applications, including aircraft, spacecraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles. This presentation provides an overview of several such applications. The seminar starts with the basic formulation of MPC. Next, two main examples are presented: MPC for spacecraft rendezvous, and MPC for UAV guidance. In addition, other spacecraft and aircraft applications are briefly reviewed, highlighting the enormous potential of MPC in the field of aerospace systems.

The seminars will begin at 1 pm. and will take place in the Room 3.S1.08 (Building“Rey Pastor” Library) campus of Leganés.
No previous registration is required.

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