Scholarships for the recruitment of pre-doctoral research staff in training(2023) – CAM On Air

The objective of these grants is the hiring of pre-doctoral research personnel in training for the completion of doctoral theses with the characteristics described in the International Doctorate.

Deadline for applications:
Start date/End date: 10th January 2023 / 30th January 2023

Relevant information

Requirements for pre-doctoral research trainees
Candidates for pre-doctoral recruitment grants must fulfil the specific research duties and the following requirements:

  • At the time of submitting the application, candidates may not have enjoyed more than 12 months of any pre-doctoral contract , nor have enjoyed scholarships or grants for the same purpose.
  • Be enrolled, admitted or pre-admitted to a doctoral programme at one of the universities in Madrid and must be enrolled in that doctoral programme when the contract is formalised.
  • Not be in possession of any doctoral degree issued by a Spanish or foreign university.
  • Have the average mark in the complete academic record corresponding to the studies with which access to a doctoral programme is gained (Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, etc.). This mark must be calculated in accordance with the criteria specified in Royal Decree 1125/2003, of 5 September, which establishes the European credit system and the grading system for official university degrees valid throughout Spain. In the case of degrees obtained at a university or higher education centre in a foreign country, whether or not it is a member of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the grade stated in the “declaration of equivalence of average grades for university studies carried out in foreign centres” signed by the pre-doctoral research staff will be taken into account, the procedure for obtaining which depends on the Ministry responsible for higher education.
  • To have completed the studies that give access to the doctoral programme by the end date for the submission of applications for this call for applications.
  • Predoctoral research staff may only be candidates in a single application.

Requirements for supervisors and co-supervisors of doctoral theses
The person who directs or co-directs the thesis of the pre-doctoral researcher must:

  • Hold a doctoral degree.
  • Have a permanent employment relationship with the applicant organisation or, where applicable, an employment relationship whose duration is equal to or longer than the period of execution of the grant and which guarantees the supervision and monitoring of the research work, the completion of the doctoral thesis and compliance with the requirements applicable to doctoral thesis supervisors in accordance with the regulations in force. The following are not considered to meet the requirements for affiliation: part-time staff, staff on leave of absence, visiting lecturers and emeritus lecturers.
  • The Director will be responsible for providing pre-doctoral research staff with the necessary support and facilitating the use of the means, instruments or equipment required for the normal development of their activity, as well as supervising the development of the research work and the training of the pre-doctoral research staff.

Application requirements

  • Applications must be endorsed by a thesis supervisor of the pre-doctoral researcher. The thesis supervisor will also act as academic tutor during the period of execution of the grant. Doctoral theses may have a thesis co-director from another Spanish or foreign institution.
  • Thesis supervisors may only endorse a single application. If the same supervisor or co-supervisor endorses more than one application, all of them will be excluded.

Full information on the documents to be submitted and how to apply can be found at the following link.

Those interested, please check the research lines of the program (to check your interests and potential supervisors), and get in touch with the Director of the Program, Manuel Soler.

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