Summary of 2022!

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us also becomes better.” Paulo Coelho

The year 2022 is almost at an end and we like to retrace its steps with you.

We could describe this year as a “Return to Normality“.

Our PhD students have been able to travel without any problems, either to attend conferences or to carry out training periods outside, and they have all done so with great enthusiasm, and with a bit of arrogance we think they have managed to make their mark. (link)

We have had the honour of hosting here with us, throughout the year, researchers/professors and great minds who have given us the pleasure of listening to interesting seminars and honoured us with their company and presence. (link)

We organised impressive events and created many new PhD opportunities. (link & link)

We welcomed new students, certain that they too, like all their colleagues, will make us proud; and we said goodbye to some of them who started their doctoral journey with us three, four years ago; we wish them all the best and a bright future. (link)

We have worked hard and the fruits have been seen: publications in journals and conferences have increased significantly. (link)
We have obtained, also thanks to the collaboration of our student, new competitive funding projects (European, national and local) and we have found new and valuable sources of funding. (link).

Congratulations to our students who have taken further steps towards success this year.

Summing up, we can be satisfied with how 2022 went and for next year we can say and wish ourselves “Ad Maiora!”.

We wish you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.

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