Our New PhD students

Francisco de los Ríos
Ángel del Pino
Luigi Marra

Here you can find some of our new doctoral students who have started their journey with us:

  • Francisco de los Ríos is doing his PhD under the supervision of Gonzalo Sanchez Arriaga and the title of his thesis is ‘Ground-Actuated Airborne Wind Energy System Demonstrator’. The main goal of this intresting Industrial PhD is to develop a ground-actuated AWE demonstrator based on the UC3M Testbed for the Aerodynamic Characterization of Kites.
  • Angel del Pino‘s PhD is supervised by Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga. His interesting thesis work is entitled ‘Modelling and Mission Analysis of Bare-Photovoltaic Tethers in Low Earth Orbit’. His thesis is dedicated to Bare-Photovoltaic Tethers that provide additional energy for on-board use and propellantless propulsion in orbit. This improvement is useful for various scenarios, such as the deorbiting of space debris. His collaboration on the ‘E.T. PACK – F Electrodynamic Tether Technology for Passive Consumable-less Deorbit Kits’ project is crucial.
  • Luigi Marra is doing his PhD, under the supervision of Stefano Discetti and Andrea Meilán Vila (UC3M, Department of Statistics), within the PREDATOR CM-UC3M project and the title of his thesis is ‘Model Predictive Control applied to turbulent flows’. His fascinating thesis work aims to develop new efficient MPC techniques for turbulent flows, which must be highly robust to measurement noise and model uncertainty due to truncation of dynamics.

You can find all the information about these students and other PhD students by clicking here.

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