PhD Seminar Series: “Atmospheric entry gasdynamics: How are we doing?” 

We will continue with our Seminar Series on Wed., 26 October 2022.

On site: Salón de Grados Leganés

For the next event in the Aerospace PhD Seminar Series, we will have the pleasure of hosting Prof. Marco Fossati from  University of Strathclyde (Glasgow)

The event will take place in the Salón de Grados on Wednesday, October 26th at 1pm, and will be streamed.

PhD Aerospace Seminar Series. Prof. Marco Fossati

Dr. Fossati is Associate Professor in Computational Aerodynamics at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He is the director of the future air-space transportation technology laboratory and has research interests in non-equilibrium flow physics, aerodynamics of nonconventional aircraft, data-driven and high-fidelity methods for aerodynamic predictions.

Atmospheric entry gasdynamics: How are we doing?


This seminar will provide an insight into the state of the art physical models for the prediction of high-enthalpy high-Mach flows surrounding objects during atmospheric entry. The theory of non equilibrium fluid mechanics equations will be discussed by presenting classical and beyond-state-of-the-art approaches. Applications of these methods will be presented with reference to destructive and non-destructive atmospheric entry flows and with reference to fundamental canonical problems such as nonequilibrium shock interference patterns.

The seminars will begin at 13 CEST and will take place in the Auditorium Salón de Grados (Padre Soler) campus of Leganés.
No previous registration is required.

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