Take a look at our New PhD students

Luca Franceschelli
Alejandra Martín Frías
Raúl Quibén Figueroa
Alberto Solera Rico
Yannick Sztamfater García

Here you can find some of our new doctoral students who have started their journey with us:

  • Alejandra Martín Frías is doing a PhD in collaboration with Flightkeys and the title of his thesis is ‘Implementation and analysis of climate models in a commercial flight planning optimization system. Development of a climate cost function and proposal of environmental policies for operators’. Her supervisor at UC3M is Manuel Soler.
  • Raúl Quibén Figueroa is doing his PhD, under the superivision of Manuel Soler and Rauno Cavallaro, as part of the Hydrogenating CM-UC3M project and the title of his thesis is “H2-fuelled aircraft configuration and trajectory optimization to reduce aeronautic environmental impact.”
  • Yannick Sztamfater García is performing an industrial doctorate under the supervision of Joaquín Míguez Arenas (UC3M) and Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo (UC3M). The title of his thesis is “Advanced Probabilistic Methods for Robust Orbit Determination and Collision Risk Assessment.”

You can find all the information about these students and other PhD students by clicking here.

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