Job Opportunity at UC3M


From 2019 to 2022, UC3M coordinated the EC-funded project with acronym E.T.PACK ( In collaboration with other 5 European institutions, the E.T.PACK team developed a deorbit device based on electrodynamic tether technology with TRL 4.

Starting in September 2022 and funded by the EIC with a total budget of 2.5 M€, the EIC Transition project with the acronym E.T.PACK-Fly will increase the maturity of the deorbit device up to 8 (flight model). An in-orbit demonstration will be performed in 2025. UC3M is open to receive CVs from potential candidates that would like to join the E.T.PACK-Fly team and work on the development of the deorbit device.

Description of the offer

Duration: 01/09/2022 – 31/08/2023 (+1.5 year renewable if objectives are accomplished).

Tentative Gross annual salary: 14 pays of 1.200 – 2.100 € (This range is not fixed. The salary can be negotiated depending on the qualification of the candidates)

How to show interest

Send the following documents to Prof. Gonzalo Sánchez ( by July 15th, 2022

• Motivation Letter

• Short CV (maximum 4 pages)

• 1 recommendation letter.

Specific tasks to be developed during the contract

• Mission analysis.

• Operations and ground segment design.

• Ground segment assembly, integration, and testing.

• Avionics and onboard software.

• Managerial tasks like preparation of Deliverables, agenda, and minutes preparation, etc.

Skills/ Qualifications

1. Desired skill/qualifications for Ms. candidates (to develop a PhD thesis at UC3M)

• Bs. and Ms. in Aerospace Engineering or related areas.

• Excellent academic record.

• International experience.

2. Desired skills/qualification for Postdoctoral Researchers

• PhD on Aerospace Engineering or related areas

• Experience on Space Systems: ground station, avionics, and onboard software.

• Strong research record validated by publications in peer-review journals

• Ability to establish scientific and industrial contacts for cooperative projects

• International experience and mobility.

Specific Requirements

• Excellent English speaking and writing skills.

• Team-building and team-working skills.

• Critical and innovative thinking, interdisciplinarity.

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