Meet Our PhD Students Series

Today for the series “Meet our PhD students” the lucky ones whose projects they are involved in, their stays and their publications we will find out about are:

Pelayo Peñarroya Rodríguez

His PhD is developed in cooperation with Deimos Space. His supervisor at UC3M is Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo . His interesting work aims to study innovative adaptive systems for autonomous landing in harsh environments, develop descent/ascension and navigation control systems on minor bodies taking into account high-fidelity environmental and system models, and develop strategies to increase system resilience against unexpected events and uncertainties.

Manuel Angel Sánchez Piedra

His PhD is in collaboration with the Royal Institute and the Spanish Naval Observatory and his supervisor at UC3M is Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo. His interesting thesis is dedicated to the study of the determination of the orbit of space debris objects from the fusion of information obtained from different sensors.

Sadaf Shahsavani

Her PhD is supervised by Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga.
Her interesting thesis work is entitled “Modeling and Mission Analysis of Low Work-Function Tethers”.
Her thesis is devoted to the development of a new approach in the numerical part of the kinetic model of the emissive probe that speeds up the code and exploits the opportunity to build a large database with current-voltage characteristics. Her collaboration in the project “E.T. PACK – Electrodynamic Tether Technology for Passive Consumable-less Deorbit Kits.” is essential. She is currently undertaking a research stay at the University of Padua.

Abolfazl Simorgh

His PhD was supervised by Manuel Fernando Soler Arnedo.
His participation is crucial in the project ‘FlyATM4E – Flying Air Traffic Management for the benefit of environment and climate‘. His research aims to optimise flight routes to avoid climate-sensitive regions.

David Villegas Prados

His doctorate is developed in the framework of industrial doctorates with Ienai Space. His supervisors at UC3M are Pablo Fajardo and Jaume Navarro. His innovative PhD focuses on the development of new electric space propulsion rockets, based on ‘electrospray’ technology. This technology presents itself as an attractive alternative for propulsion aboard small satellite platforms, such as nano- and micro-satellites.


A detailed description of each student can be found here.

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