Meet Our PhD Students Series

Today for the series “Meet our PhD students” the lucky ones whose projects they are involved in, their stays and their publications we will find out about are:

Alice Brunello

His doing a PhD in collaboration with the University of Padova and the title of her thesis is “Green in-space transport with tether technology” with in the framework of the E.T. PACK project. Her supervisor at UC3M is Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga.

Iván Castro Fernández

His work is supervised by Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga and Rauno Cavallaro.
His excellent contribution focuses on the ‘GreenKite-2’ project and his thesis work will focus on the analysis of the aeroelastic aspects of kites (flexible and rigid) applied to wind power generation.

Antonio Cuellar Martín

His PhD is supervised by Stefano Discetti and Andrea Ianiro.
His interesting thesis work is entitled “Closed loop control for turbulent flows in aircraft propulsion”.
His thesis is dedicated to the development of closed-loop control algorithms for active control systems for drag reduction and efficiency in wall-bounded turbulent flows.

Giuseppe Di Pasquale

His PhD is developed in the framework of industrial doctorates with Ienai Space. His supervisor at UC3M is Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo. His interesting work aims at developing a tool for mission design and orbital manoeuvre planning for electrospray propulsion.

A detailed description of each student can be found here.

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