Meet Our PhD Students Series

Today for the series “Meet our PhD students” the lucky ones whose projects they are involved in, their stays and their publications we will find out about are:

Guillermo Escribano

His PhD work is under the supervision of Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo and in collaboration with Jan Siminski (ESA) and his interesting thesis work is entitled ‘Automatic Maneuver Detection in the SST Observation Correlation Process’.

Ehsan Farzamnik

His PhD is supervised by Andrea Ianiro and Vanesa Guerrero.  His excellent contribution finds its focus in the project PITUFLOW – Pattern Identification in TUrbulent FLOW control.

Sergio García González

His PhD is supervised by Gonzalo Sánchez Arriaga and carried out within SENER. His interesting work is focused on the design, development and validation of a miniaturised avionics system for a deorbit kit based on bare electrodynamic tether technology.

Jesús Perales

His work is supervised by Eduardo Ahedo Galilea.
His excellent contribution is concentrated in the project “EDDA – European Direct-Drive Architecture” and his work consists of improving the capabilities of an existing 2D hybrid-PIC code, HYPHEN, and using it to perform numerical simulations of Hall effect thruster discharge.

Tatiana Perrotin

Her PhD is supervised by Pablo Fajardo and Eduardo Ahedo Galilea. Her participation is essential in the project “PROMETEO – Propulsión por plasma y fusión nuclear: innovando el transporte espacial“. The aim of her work is to design a 200W Cylindrical Hall thruster for experimental studies of plasma and investigations of anomalous transport to be compared with numerical studies.

Iacopo Tirelli

His supervisors at UC3M are Stefano Discetti and Andrea Ianiro. The aim of his research is to develop data-driven methods to improve the resolution of PIV beyond the Nyquist limit set by the interparticle spacing. His collaboration in the project “ERC-NEXTFLOW – Next-generation flow diagnostics for control” is essential.

A detailed description of each student can be found here.

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