Meet Our PhD Students Series

Today for the series “Meet our PhD students” the lucky ones whose projects they are involved in, their stays and their publications we will find out about are:

Junwei Chen

His doctoral work is under the supervision of Stefano Discetti and Marco Raiola. His collaboration is essential in the ERC- NEXTFLOW – Next-generation flow diagnostics for control- Grant 2020.

Alfredo Escalante López

His PhD is supervised by Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo and in collaboration with ESA SPICE Service.  His work focuses on studying the applicability of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for monocular optical navigation of minor bodies such as asteroids, comets or small moons.

Thomas Aleksander Frekhaug

His PhD is supervised by Manuel Fernando Soler Arnedo and Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo, and his interesting thesis work is entitled ‘Optimal Close-Operation Trajectories in Non-Conventional Dynamical Environments’.

Alberto Marín Cebrián

His work is supervised by Eduardo Ahedo Galilea.
His excellent contribution finds its focus in the project “PROMETEO – Propulsión por plasma y fusión nuclear: innovando el transporte espacial“.

Alison Ponche

Her PhD is supervised by Andrés Marcos Estaban in collaboration with Airbus. Her spectacular research could enable the ATHENA X-ray space telescope to be used as a reference in the future. 

Alberto Zarzuelo García

His PhD is developed in the framework of the industrial doctorates with the company SENER Aeroespacial. His supervisor at UC3M is Guillermo Carpintero del Barrio. His work mainly focuses on developing low phase noise sources for flexible satellite payloads.

A detailed description of each student can be found here.

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