International Women´s Day (8M)

The human history counts with great icons who have established a milestone in our past. Effort and hard work are the keys of their success. However, it was not the same for all of them, some of the most honorable minds had to fight against our big past and present giant, the sexism.

To be a woman scientist in a man’s world it isn´t an easy task. Much less easy was for those Aerospace Engineers women, that not only made way in an essentially masculine sector but they also stood out with their brilliant work and inventiveness.

In this post I want to introduce you some of the greatest Aerospace Engineers women of our history.

Yvonne Brill

BSc in Mathematics and MSc in Chemistry, she initially started her wise career in aeronautic industry and later became aerospace engineer. During this period, she developed a new rocket propulsion system that worked with hydrazine that currently have a wide representation in the space.

Mary W. Jackson

She successfully overcame the barriers of segregation and gender bias to become a professional aerospace engineer and a leader in ensuring equal opportunities for future generations.

Margaret Hamilton

The first Software Engineer woman. She and her teammates designed a part of the software that made work the command module and moon module. Probably, she was the person that avoided the failure of Apollo 11 space mission.

Currently, the PhD in Aerospace Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid continues to write history with our PHD women.

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