PostDoctoral Research Grants

On 28 November the calls for applications for the Ramón y Cajal, Juan de La Cierva Formación and Juan De La Cierva Incorporación grants were published.

The aim of the Ramon y Cajal grants is to promote the incorporation of Spanish and foreign research personnel with a significant track record in R&D centres by granting them five-year grants for their employment and additional funding for the execution of the research activity they carry out, and by granting them grants for the creation of permanent jobs in the agents of the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System who are beneficiaries of these grants.

The Juan de la Cierva Formación grants are intended to promote the hiring of young PhD graduates for a period of two years to complete their post-doctoral research training in Spanish R&D centres other than those where they did their pre-doctoral training.

The Juan de la Cierva Incorporación grants have the aim of promoting the employment of young people with a doctorate degree, for a period of three years, so that they can consolidate the skills acquired during an initial stage of post-doctoral training.

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